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Who We Are
The Minnesota County Attorneys Association is an independent, voluntary organization of County Attorneys dedicated to improving the quality of justice in the State of Minnesota. The Association is a not-for-profit corporation governed by a Board of Directors elected annually by the membership.

The members of the Association are dedicated to the accomplishment of this Mission by developing consensus on legal and public policy issues of statewide significance to County Attorneys. The Mission will be implemented competently and professionally while adhering to the highest ethical standards of the legal profession.
Appellate Services
Click here for a description of the appellate services offered by MCAA, tips for brief writing and oral arguments, and appellate templates and forms.  
US Supreme Court Case
The U.S. Supreme Court recently held that police may not extend an ordinary traffic stop to seek evidence of crimes unrelated to the offense that prompted officers to pull a vehicle over.  Click Here
Juvenile Case Statistics
Court statistics regarding an uptick in reports, investigations and filings by county.  
2015 Ethics and Elimination of Bias for Government Attorneys Course Materials
   Click here for more information.
5/27/15- Minnesota Medical Assistance Estate Recovery Webinar Materials
   Click here for more information.
Report: The Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado, Vol. 3
The report documents the impact of Colorado legalizing marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes.  
Prosecutor's Encyclopedia
The Prosecutor's Wikipedia.  
2015 Approved Minutes
The official business of the MCAA Board of Directors.  
Legal Overview: Civil Commitment of Sexual Psychopathic Personalities and Sexually Dangerous Persons
Legal Overview.  
Precharge Diversion Program
Prosecutors have discretion to charge a crime or not charge a crime. A prosecutor’s decision to establish pretrial diversion programs for all crime types and refer offenders to those programs is inherent in the use of that discretion. The legislature acknowledged the discretion inherent in prosecutors when it passed in Minn. Stat. § 609.132 into law in 1994.  Click Here
Prosecutor Best Practices Committee
Articles of Interest related to Prosecutor Best Practices Committees  
MN's New Expungement Law Part II
On January 10th, 2015, Judicial Training Update (15-01) summarizing Minnesota’s historic new expungement law was distributed. During the next several weeks, the thirst for additional information coming from judges, attorneys, law enforcement and the general public was overwhelming. The purpose for this Part Two Expungement Update is to add 6 additional facts about the new law. These 6 additional facts are intended to supplement and provide clarification to the January 10th training update. Pleas  Click Here
Peace Officer Training Manual
The Association extends their appreciation to the Peace Officer Training Committee and the Assistant County Attorneys who have given their time and expertise for this project. We hope you will find this to be a valuable tool in training law enforcement. Most sections were updated in 2015, but not all. However, all sections have been approved by the MN POST Board for 38 CLE credits.  
Child Protection Final Report.
Investing in child protection measures during the 2015 session was a high priority for Governor Dayton. He appointed a Child Protection Task Force to come up with recommendations for law changes. The final report can be found here. Also, on March 17, he signed the first bill (HF 8, now Chapter 4) to enhance child protection measures into law. There will be more to come.  Click Here
2015 Salary Survey
2015 salary information for County Attorneys, Assistant County Attorneys and staff.  
U. S. Attorney Prosecution Guidelines
These guidelines, from the United States Attorney, District of Minnesota, have been made available to County Attorneys for their information. The guidelines are intended to provide articulated, uniform criteria for whether federal prosecution in this district will be considered.  
CHIPS Sample Forms
Click here for CHIPS templates and forms.  
2015 MN Judicial Training Update
The updates are concise, judicial tips covering basic issues that focus on Statutory, Case Law, Criminal (some civil), Trial and Evidentiary issues. Past updates can be found in Archives under Judicial Updates.   Click Here
Prosecutorial Error Papers
Position papers and information from members on "prosecutorial error". Members should contact Robert Small if they have pertinent information that should be posted.   Click here for more information.
Implied Consent Transcript Bank
The TSRP and Attorney Generals Office have compiled a transcript bank of Implied Consent hearings. The bank is indexed to show the attorneys, expert witnesses, and issues. The transcripts are available in PDF format. Contact TSRP Bill Lemons to obtain copies of transcripts.   
Child Protection Guiding Principles
The Minnesota County Attorneys recognizes the importance of protecting children and the need for all professionals in the child protection field to work cooperatively to best meet the needs of children. The best interests of children are the paramount consideration in protecting children from abuse and neglect.  Click Here
2014 Minnesota Prosecutors Manual
The most up-to-date Minnesota Offense Codes (MOCs) - Tables and Statutes, Originating Agency Identifiers (ORIs), forms and other processes important to MN Prosecutors.  Click Here
CLE Sign-in Sheet
CLE sign-in sheet for webinars, replay  Click Here
How to register for a class, watch a webinar, purchase a publication or on-demand video.
To download a PDF file that will to walk you through screen by screen   Click here for more information.
MCAA Forums
A 10-page document with screen shots to assist you in using the Forums.  Click Here

Disclaimer of Liability:

MCAA presents the information on this web site as a service to our members & other Internet users. While the information on this site is about legal issues, it is not legal advice. Due to the rapidly changing nature of the law & our reliance on information provided by outside sources, we make no warranty or guarantee concerning the accuracy or reliability of the content at this site or any sites to which we link.

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